2-Tier Countertop Fruit Basket Storage With Banana Hanger

Eating fruit has become a common thing in life. The utensils for holding fruits are also gradually appearing in people's field of vision. This fruit basket is really a must-have for every household, which not only provides convenience but also brings more fashionable tastes. It has an upgraded structure, this fruit basket bowl has three raised feet to keep the fruit clean. Smooth surface keeps smudges away. No tools required to assemble, no complicated wall mount fixtures, no drilling holes.

How do those who have used it commented?


Exactly what I need! Love that I can easily move the banana hook anywhere I like. I think it's fine for baby bananas, but regular sized bananas will touch/sit on the fruit in the bottom basket, which is no big deal. The front hooks stay strong and balanced even when the basket is empty. Great for under cabinets with plenty of room to grab fruit on top. There is no "hole" in the middle like other fruit baskets, so nothing falls out. Definitely recommend this product!

I'm looking for something to put all my fruits and veggies in so they don't sit directly on the counter. This is a perfect solution! Very easy to assemble. Like everyone else, I put the banana hook outside as it doesn't quite fit under the top basket. Also very sturdy.

I want a basket big enough to hold a lot of fruit and vegetables. This is perfect! Very sturdy, attractive and allows for good airflow. It suits us very well. Bananas can be hung in the middle, but if there is more fruit at the bottom, you can move the hook and hang from the outside.

I use them as effective decorations in my living room. I use it for apples and lemons on the bottom shelf and candy and TV remote on the top.

My fruits and veggies are always scattered around the corner of my kitchen. I was just looking for a tool that would help me organize these things in my kitchen. Until I saw this fruit basket, I put fruit on the bottom and onion and garlic on top. Exactly what I expected.

My counter needs something to hold more fruit and maybe some snacks. This basket can do both because it has two baskets. I could also put vegetables that I might use to cook for a week in the bottom basket and save the top for apples or other fruit.

I love that it has two tiers and extra banana hooks. This way, you can separate the various fruits if needed. The top basket is also removable if you don't want to use it. I have no complaints and I would recommend it to others.

Really easy to install, like other reviews have said, it only takes two seconds. I also like banana hooks, which free up more space. Holds all my fruits and veggies while making my counter look organized and beautiful!

This fruit/vegetable basket is simply amazing! If you're a fruit/vegetable lover like me, you know how annoying it can be to keep all your food in multiple containers that often don't match up and spill over your kitchen countertop. Also, it is difficult to find a functional and attractive place to store bananas. Rest assured, after purchasing this item, you can enjoy all your fruit/vegetable food in one space! For example, there is ample space between the two tiers. Also, the shape of the product has round tiers with larger tiers placed at the bottom. This is aesthetically appealing and worth considering. Also, it is easy to assemble. For these reasons, I highly recommend you to buy this product!

I love this fruit basket! We had multiple bowls and a hooked fruit basket before. This saves a lot of space and looks cute. I crave some fruit every time I pass by - hope the rest of the family does the same! There is enough room for all your fruits or vegetables.

AULEDIO 2-Tier Countertop Fruit Basket Storage With Banana Hanger