2 Tier Stackable Fruit and Vegetable Basket Organizer

A roomy storage cabinet might be better for it. If you need it, then it's yours. I've been looking for a basket to hang behind the door for masks and a basket to hang in the kitchen for fruit!

It depends on what you put in it. It can be a basket for snacks, a storage basket for daily necessities, and a basket for fruits and vegetables. It can have multiple roles. Different scenarios can play an interesting role.

In the pantry

I think they are only suitable for large pantries. We use it to bag snacks and organize them in the pantry. Have to say, these are super easy to put together and keep my pantry more organized. I will probably buy some more to continue the organizing process!

In the bathroom

We recently remodeled our bathroom and I ordered these to organize the underside of the vanity. I like to keep my cleaning and feminine items underneath. Before the makeover, I had everything piled up nicely and it was still a mess. Now that I have these, I can keep everything separate and store neatly. They were really easy to assemble, I probably did it in 5 minutes. They are stacked on top of each other. I think they are sturdy and just stack on top of each other, but you can screw them off if you want.

In the kitchen

So happy with it that I keep it on the kitchen counter for bread. I think I can even keep it in my pantry when I get tired of it. I want it in the corner so I can put it in the corner of the kitchen counter instead of a loose space, but this still works.


It's easy to assemble and fits perfectly in the corner of my kitchen countertop. It's big enough to store a big bag of onions/garlic on top and potatoes on the bottom. I stack 2 baskets to use. This works both horizontally and vertically. Really saves a lot of space.

In the living room

One thing is that assembly is very simple, just fold the product out and "snap" together. I am using these stackable baskets to store my cat and dog food. It's easy to access and eliminates the bulky box that both come in. It's more attractive on my countertop. I love this product.


It's a versatile storage system that can be used in your kitchen cabinets, pantry, or your entire home. It has 2 tiers of space and large capacity to meet your daily storage needs. You can choose to stack it or use it separately. It does not take up space and is more convenient and tidy. Stackable baskets are made of iron and powder coated for corrosion resistance in dry environments. Sturdy and suitable for long-term use. Easy to assemble, no complicated tools required, just follow the illustrated instructions for easy assembly. Can choose to hang or lay flat.

AULEDIO 2 Tier Stackable Fruit and Vegetable Basket Organizer