3 Tier Plant Stand Rack

Friends who like green plants must be no strangers to plant stands. In order to make the indoor environment no longer monotonous and boring, many people will move plants indoors as part of interior decoration.

People who also love nature also choose to grow some favorite plants at home to enrich their spare time. Starting with some small potted plants or vases, gradually various types of plants became common. Of course this involves a problem. How to give plants a place to rest? The open space in the room and the idle place in the corner have become optional places that can be carefully decorated. And all you need is a suitable plant stand to make everything easier.

Bring nature home and turn your plant stand into a tool for inspiration.

 3 Tier Plant Stand Rack

If you want to give your plant stand more possibilities to place multiple tiers of plants or other items neatly and orderly, then you can consider this plant stand. Not only can it be used as a plant stand, but the multi-tier storage position allows you to store other items such as books, ornaments and tool boxes when there are not so many potted plants. Use your imagination and it will have the right use. No matter where it is placed, it can bring great convenience to your life.

It can support a certain weight, each shelf can hold up to 50 lbs, there are 3 tiers, and it can hold multiple small and medium plant pots. With occasional watering spills, it's powder-coated in a rich black finish to help prevent rust and corrosion and can be used indoors or out. Raised legs help keep plants off the ground and aid in drainage. The blessing of small details is the consideration of life.

The layered open design has more possibilities for the plants that can be placed, and also allows light to enter, so that the plants can fully absorb the light and thrive. The greening of the home is handed over to it.

Metal Plant Stand

Give your plants their own place. This plant stand has a small footprint and can hold small potted plants on the top and bottom. If you choose to place some green plants next to the TV in the living room, you may need to place one on the left and right sides to produce a visually symmetrical effect. Not only for placing potted plants, you can use it to suit its purpose, and it is also a very eye-catching presence even if it is used as a shelf for other items.

It's light enough to be easily moved around the garden or home, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The rounded appearance allows the corners of the home to also serve as decorative highlights without wasting space. The same goes for places like entryways, offices or bathrooms. Designed with 3 support points to increase the stability of the steel frame, allowing the shelf to hold up to 50 lbs.

Bottom and top frames hold pots up to 10" and 11.8". Let it add some artistic flair to your life.