Coffee Mug

Kitchen supplies for large families are usually varied and plentiful. A set of tableware for each person can easily be placed everywhere if there is no reasonable storage. In particular, the cup is a common necessities in our life. To drink a cup of coffee or drink water in the morning, it always needs to appear in your sight for the first time, so that you can have it at your fingertips. If you love using mugs, letting them take up a lot of kitchen space is one of the reasons why you have a small living space. Suddenly, the space seems to be running out sooner than you thought.


If you want to keep many cups in your cupboard, one of the things you might face is accidentally knocking over or breaking them. In order to get the cup more conveniently, you will place the cup intuitively on the kitchen countertop, or on the living room tabletop, and tea room tabletop, then please show your taste boldly at this time.


Here are 3 types of mug holders, depending on the look and function of the cup holder you want.

3 Tier Coffee Mug Tree with Storage Basket

Inspired by trees, the "branches" of the cup holder are used to hang your cups. It is stable and gives a different artistic sense. It has 15 hooks and can hold up to 15 regular-sized coffee or tea cups. The top has a removable wire mesh basket to store some extra snacks, tea bags or coffee pods or decorations! The bottom is tapered so that no matter how heavy the cup is, it will not wobble, tilt or bend, keeping the cup securely in place. Don't worry about it rusting or breaking your favorite mug.

3 Tier 360 Rotating Coffee Mug Holder with Storage Basket

As an upgraded tree stand, it also has 15 hooks, and a removable wire mesh basket on top, but it allows you to rotate your cups.

Not only is it easier to hold the mugs, but also to make your mugs look good, you can rotate them to show your favorite different mugs.

Coffee Mug Holder with Storage Basket

Maybe you don't have as many cups to store and worry about wasting space on the tree stand. Maybe you don't want it to only hold cups, but rather have more space for other uses. Then a multi-functional and comprehensive storage rack will be more in line with the actual needs. But it will not lose its own function. This coffee cup holder holds 12 cups and has a basket on the top for extra storage for anything you want. The round base at the bottom helps you store many plates and bowls. One product, 3 functions.