6 Tier Spice Rack Pantry Door Over The Door Spice Organizer Rack

Making an important change in an unexpected place has the potential to completely change your life. I recommend that you also install storage racks behind any suitable door in your home. When you need emergency space, this rack can surprise you.


Doors are a great use. Vertical space, with suitable shelves, all spices or items are clearly placed in the line of sight for easy access. Every home is bound to have a door, so I don't have to struggle with tools to develop a wall space, and I don't have to spend too much money on a large storage cabinet. On the basis of the lowest cost, I can get the help and effects I want. This is one of the values that this rack can bring to me.

My daughter is always running upstairs and downstairs in the middle of the night. By hanging this spice rack on the door of the same space, she doesn't have to run from room to room to find something, because even if she is in her room, she can easily get the Items hanging on the door. It not only saves the time of going back and forth, but also reduces the unnecessary noise when everyone is resting.


My friend is adding much needed storage to a tidy apartment pantry. Originally worried it would be too wide for thinner doors, but then she told me her concerns were superfluous. Needless to say how fitting it is!


I love to cook. When I moved into my new house now, I knew I wouldn't have a big spice cabinet since I don't have corner cabinets in my new kitchen. It just so happens that my laundry room is right next to the kitchen, so I thought I'd try the spice rack installed outside this door. Super friendly! It's so easy to assemble that a 5 year old can put it together. It's really sturdy. I didn't have to drill holes in the door, it hung perfectly on the door. I am very satisfied with my purchase. My kitchen is finally tidy. When cooking, I know exactly what to do because all my ingredients are right in front of me. Compared to other cheap organizers, I think it's a good product for the price and meets my expectations.

I recommend it to my friends. They bought a second home, but the pantry is a bit small. This shelf is perfect for her storage container. She said it gave her a lot of space and it looked good. She might buy another one to keep in the bathroom closet so that bathroom supplies are also organized.


I need these hanging racks, they are very stable and flexible. The shelves are adjustable and "fences" have been added to prevent tall items from falling when the doors are opened and closed. I also put removable waffle rack liners on the shelves to keep small items from tipping over. All my spices are now organized and baked goods are in one place. Very happy. Sometimes I even open the kitchen door just to see it. Isn't that weird?

The 6-tier large capacity can store a lot of spice jars, cans, and sundries. Items can be stored in zones on each tier, and reasonable spacing makes it easier to place and take items out. The adjustable design means you can adjust the height of the door rack to fit your cans and items. It bears well and is sturdy, suitable for storing various items and meeting your different storage needs.