What should go in the fruit basket? In addition to fruits, I think there are surprises.

Fruits scattered on the table are easy to look untidy. It is also really annoying that it is difficult to find a bowl of sufficient size and capacity to hold fruits. To entertain guests at home, let us become strict about the decoration of the table. Among them, the appearance of fruit basket is one of the indispensable elements. The visual appeal of food is the first thing people feel. Simple placement does not seem to be able to meet your decorative requirements.

Here are 7 fruit baskets for you that can help you achieve the ideal fruit decoration you have in mind.

  1. Single Tier Circular Mesh Fruit Basket with Hook
    Single Tier Circular Mesh Fruit Basket with Hook

    The single-tier fruit basket is undoubtedly the choice of most people who live alone. The breathable bowl allows air to circulate, and the open design can visually reveal the abundance of fruit. Removable hook for hanging bananas or grapes to prevent crushing. As an attractive centerpiece on the kitchen counter, the effect is full.

  2. 2-TierCircular Mesh Fruit Basket with Hook
    2-TierCircular Mesh Fruit Basket with Hook

    Adding a circle mesh to the design of the fruit basket bowl has virtually added many fashionable elements, and it has more depth in function. An extra tier of fruit basket bowl makes it more competitive in capacity. The banana hook at the top also serves a great purpose as an indispensable part. The detachable feature allows it to be used as two separate baskets or together, it has everything you want.

  3. 2-TierRound Double Handles Fruit Basket with Hook
    2-TierRound Double Handles Fruit Basket with Hook

    It has all the basic functions of the fruit basket. The details are that the two fruit basket bowls are designed with two handle functions. Make it easier for you to take and transfer. 2-tier design allows you to better sort fruits. Meet different fruit storage needs. The hook on the top inadvertently makes the fruit show a more attractive side.

  4. 2-Tier Round Fruit Basket with Banana Hook

    2-Tier Round Fruit Basket with Banana Hook

    There are 2 fruit basket bowls with different diameters on the upper and lower parts, with banana hooks attached to make the fruit more attractive to hang. The upper fruit basket is removable, and the lower fruit basket bowl has three raised feet to keep the fruit basket clean. No tools required to assemble, no complicated wall mount fixtures, no drilling holes. Ease of use and more features. Make your home life more tidy.

  5.  2-Tier Square Fruit Basket with Banana Hook2-Tier Square Fruit Basket with Banana Hook

    The difference is that the shape of the upper and lower baskets has been changed, and the banana hook is also attached. The upper fruit basket can be disassembled and used alone or assembled. One product offers a surprising experience in two ways of use. Simple to use, yet streamlined control over your quality of life.

  6. 3-Tier Round Portable Fruit Basket

    3-Tier Round Portable Fruit Basket

    3-tier design, 3 fruit basket bowls of different sizes. The ingenious part is that it can be disassembled and assembled into different tiers or used separately according to different needs. Intimate top handle design, easy to carry. Larger capacity, more functions, but the same quality. In large family gatherings, I believe it is a good choice for you.

  7. 4-Tier Round Fruit Basket

    4-Tier Round Fruit Basket

    If other fruit baskets pay more attention to usability and are often used in daily life, then this fruit basket is more suitable for banquets and celebrations, and can play a special decorative effect. Great changes have been made in terms of shape, and it has a very classical atmosphere, which makes the fruit placement more visually impactful and brings more celebratory atmosphere to your parties and festive banquets. Of course, there is nothing wrong with daily use. It is also detachable and you can keep it as 1, 2 or 3 tiers for use.