2 Pack Desk Cable Management Tray for Office

You're not lacking any storage cabinets, you may be lacking more practical and effective ways to keep your home space tidy.


Has the space under your desk left you powerless for a long time? Especially your computer desk or working desk, there are always a large number of various power cords and sockets tangled under the desk. Some of them hang in the air, some are scattered on the ground. You have become accustomed to it, and you ignore the dangers of it. If you have children at home, they may be able to use their hands to play with sockets and wires on the floor that can lead to electric shock. It's also possible that you accidentally trip over the power cord while walking around. If the water is accidentally knocked over, there is a risk of short circuit and electric shock. Shaky cords and sockets can also cause unstable power signals. Have you considered the consequences of all these troubles? Even if all security risks have been avoided, the inconvenience and mess it brings can be seen by everyone. You should hurry up and deal with it.

In fact, this is an unremarkable basket. You may never find out that you need it. You always feel that your home lacks some large tools that can make the environment more tidy, but you may also ignore many small storage tools in details.


It is made of thick steel with black powder coating, and the surface is effectively resistant to rust. The sturdy construction makes this under-desk cable manager durable. It can hold up to 10 pounds. With a deep curve design, it perfectly avoids items falling. Simple and streamlined, elegant and generous, it is also the best choice for your home decoration.

It has a variety of installation methods, suitable for many occasions, you can choose the most comfortable way you like. The cable management tray comes with illustrated instructions for easy assembly. This product not suitable for honeycomb filed table top but apply for desk or wall, etc. Maximizing space gives you more room to organize chaotic sockets, power cords, books, snacks, and more. You can install it in office, kitchen, desk or shelf etc. Good cable management will keep your life organized.

I have to say, this is a very useful project. Because now, I don't have all the power cords on the floor, and everything looks neater. These organizers work very well. They have enough space for a power strip and a few wires. You don't have to worry about the power cord slipping easily, the design of the basket has a dedicated space to control the placement. The material is hard and looks durable, I recommend this!


At the same time, I create extra space under my tall cabinets. This rack is perfect for that position, I have kitchen towels and some dry goods on hand, they always get wet on the table by accident before this. Now I don't need to worry about them.

AULEDIO 2 Pack Desk Cable Management Tray for Office