10 Different Spice Racks To Make Your Kitchen Organizing More Handy

Looking at the messy kitchen countertops, do you get upset? Every time you finish cooking, you have to go through a complete cleanup, which can take a lot of effort and energy. When you are cooking and suddenly need some kind of spice or seasoning, you just can't find the spice jar you need after rummaging through the cabinets. No matter how anxious it is, it just doesn't appear. When you find it, the dishes are waiting for no one. Today's meals may have lost their original taste. I don't know how many times you've been through such an event, but say goodbye to your troubles today. When you encounter the following spice racks, the good life is about to begin.

Single Tier Spice Rack

4 Pack Wall Mount Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet


The appearance has a strong industrial flavor. It goes well with most modern home decor. A set of 4 spice racks, it is made of thick and strong steel with a smooth texture that won't scratch your hands, perfect for your long-term needs. Wall-mounted spice organizer that you can install on the wall next to the kitchen stove or on other walls in your home. It can be installed behind the door of the cabinet, which is very convenient for storing jars. The wire mesh design and anti-drop safety fence keep the condiment bottle or jelly jar from falling, shaking or tipping. Items organized orderly in a conspicuous place are always readily available when you need them, and you no longer have to rummage through cabinets to find items.

4 Pack Spice Racks Organizer


This is the ultimate in simplicity. A set has 4 spice racks. Provides you with a separate four-tier space to separate different types of items, such as condiment jars/medicines/vitamins, suitable for kitchen, bathroom, pantry doors, etc. It can be adjusted according to your space needs, more flexible and suitable for your space design. Each tier can be installed together or individually.

Wall Mount Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet


Freestanding spice rack, one set with 3 spice racks. Wall-mounted design, you can hang it anywhere you want, be it on the wall above the cooktop in the kitchen, on the wall in the bathroom or behind the door of a storage cabinet. Separate design, the rack can be used alone in different places, and the tier spacing can be adjusted at will. Its high fence design can effectively prevent bottles from falling. Each spice rack can hold up to 40 pounds, so don't worry about hanging on the wall and falling off easily.

3 Tier Spice Rack

3-Tier Spice Organizer for Cabinet


This is a regular countertop 3-tier spice rack. The detail is that its shelf is adjustable and can be used at a tilt of 45°. Placing longer bottles or jars at an angle is not only convenient to take out, but also creates more storage space. Different storage methods and detachable functions give you more flexibility in the use of space. For those who like to drink, it can also be used as a wine rack. The bottom of the rack has non-slip rubber pads to prevent scratching the countertop. At the same time, it can maintain the stability of the seasoning organization.

3 Tier Countertop Spice Rack Organizer


Simple and retro nostalgic design. There is no doubt about the large capacity. It has a 3-tier structure and a set of 2 spice racks. For friends who like to collect various jars or bottles, this can undoubtedly meet your requirements. Look at the neat rows of jars, and at a glance you can control where the jars you want are. It creates order in your life. The wall-mounted type can create more extra space for you, and also give you more possibilities in usability.

3 Tier Wall Mount Spice Rack Organizer for Pantry


It is very different in appearance from the above mentioned spice rack. This is a more stylish and modern design. Its production provides more choices for friends who like different styles. It stands the test of time (unlike plastic) and comes in a shiny chrome finish. You can choose the shelf that suits you according to your home style. It is also a 3-tier structure, which will have a more stable feel for its use, giving people a feeling that is specially customized for you. Racks with multiple tiers of large-capacity space can be considered to be installed in the storage room to store jars that are not frequently used and are used for storage. If you want to highlight your taste, you can also install it on a prominent wall and place some commonly used spices, it will bring you great convenience.

4 Tier Spice Rack

4 Tier Wall Mount/ Countertop Spice Rack


Do you have some spice jars that you use regularly? Usually placed on the countertop, it is easy to cause the kitchen to look cluttered. However, if it is stored in a high or low cabinet, it is too troublesome to take it out every time. Maybe you could consider this spice rack, which can be placed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall. The 4-tier inclined design makes it very convenient to place and take the spice jar out, saving a lot of time and stress when cooking. It holds 24 spice jars, organizes the ones that are used regularly, even with so many spice jars can be easily identified, and they are all within your reach.

4-Tier Stackable Spice Rack Organizer with 24 Glass for Countertop


Its functionality will be amazing! It has to be said that it has considered the careful thinking of most users to make it more powerful. It has a great advantage over a shelf that can be hung on the wall or placed directly on the countertop, and is that it can also create order in your drawers or cabinets. It can not only be used in stacks, but also detachable and used independently, and it is also very convenient and fast for mobile use. It can store up to 24 spice jars or various bottles. With a strong and durable steel structure, powder-coated finish, the structure is firm, and the surface is smooth and delicate, which is very suitable for long-term use. Freestanding tiered vertical design makes space more organized and easier to access spice jars. Make your space planning more handy.

6 Tier Spice Rack

6 Tier Spice Rack Pantry Door Over The Door


The space behind the door must not be forgotten. It can be used to create unexpected extra space. This is a spice rack that can be chosen by small-sized households. The 6-tier design is enough to store large and small items at home. It can be installed not only behind the door of the kitchen or bathroom, but also behind the door of the storage cabinet of the right size, it all depends on your needs. But be careful to measure the size of the door. It's adjustable, which means you can adjust the height of the pantry shelf over the door to fit your cans and items. The door of your home becomes a good helper for your space storage.

8 Tier Spice Rack

8 Tier Spice Rack Pantry Door Over The Door


Maybe you don't necessarily have extra table or wall space in your home to install shelves. But you definitely have a door in your home, and the space behind the door is often overlooked. Upgraded in size, it has 8 tiers of space, providing more choices for people with different needs. Of course, it all depends on the size of your door. On the premise of the same basic function, more space possibilities are created. It does just that. For friends who are in urgent need of large-capacity storage, this is undoubtedly a better choice. Idle doors can also make a huge difference.